Microsoft Academy provides IT training careers to advance students at every levels with technical skills required to excel as a professional in the job market with current market skills demanded.

Moving from one to other service or training provider is a matter of how skillful you become after training.

Our different in the market is based on the tuition support we provide students. we don't only offer the study material, but we interact with students and redesigned the Microsoft courseware in a way that best fits the background of hte majority and help each one step by step to achieve exellence and level themselves up to the required market skills.
SIGPED - A solutions package for schools around hte world. apps are available to be implemented on school's websites that allow online registration, gather student scholastic records and reports to management.

the school contract package include Microsoft Agreement that allows use of licensed software for teachers, staff and students.

Contact us for a quote and detailed work around the options for your school and let's have your shool online.
SIGU - Universities worldwide are movng towards making thei presence visible and building their processes around web sevices.

Sigu is an integrated academic management system build around experiences with Univesities (using the system) to adjusted to each client needs and specifications.

if you are a part of a University that needs an online system, contact us and let us help you make your presence a meaningful one and drive students to your organization.

Our virtual University offers you 3 careers incluing IT and Business.

We developed a business course hat suits both the Develped and non-develped world. the approach has specific objectives out of many year of business management and experiences.

We noticed that many Universities provide full detail on subject including those which the actual user many not come across in his/her business life-time.

the result is a training program that is summariezes what is essencial from Accounting, management and IT knoledge that is directly related to the action of managing a business.

Check the business course profile for details.


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