The ESB exam is intended for use primarily in academic settings including secondary schools, vocational schools, community colleges, and technical colleges. Our programa is designed to provide you witht the tools to start, run and control your business with little or no intevention of accountants, auditors or system designers. Do it youself.

To that end we have coupled MS Office Certification Track material designed as tools to apply key conceptual knowledge of entrepreneurial and small business principles and the relevant skills to become be a small business manager. This course internationally avaluated by Certiport for Certification. The course is designed to provide students interested in working in a middle-skill trade profession as their own boss and those with entrepreneurship and small business career aspirations. Start Business Here
As Microsoft Imagine Academy we offer only official Microsoft curriculum for our tuition programs.

A full range of MTA and MCSA courses are available for registration. Registered students have privigeled access to study material including pre-recorded video-classes on Microsoft Teams.

Every student gets Office 365 Pro that includes a range of apps for online use and download.

You may download MS Office 2016 for up to 5 of your computer devices at home.

There is no longer need to use pirated software.
Ready made Apps available for you to test and purchase.

Developing Apps for your business and adjusting them to fit specific needs and requirements is what we do.

Go to our AppStore and search for what you need. if you don't find anything you may fill the form and ask us to build one for you at no cost.

We will charge you only after you have used our app for a 30 day trial. Leasing prices are all indicated on the site.

These solutions may include desktop and tablet versions.
Create, run and control your business.

Enrol for business training with us and be assured of getting the best quality from experienced and proven entrepreneurs with multiple country operations experience.

Runing businesses from Africa to the US in the last 17 years gives us tremendous insight of markets as we share with you best practices.

Further you learn to control your operations from the setup to the managment. tools like Microsoft Excel and Access is covered by our program to reduce your cost with additonal administrative or accouting personnel.
Top of the class training, test with top of hte class testing Systems.

The confidence in our training program guarantees that you can apply for testing anywhre in the world using the Certiport network of testing centers globaly.

For Microsoft Academy program all MTA exams can be delivered by any Certiport Test Center.

Go to and search for testing center near your location and apply for exam.



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